Melanin Therapy is a comprehensive directory of treatment options designed to meet the unique mental health needs of African Americans and People of color.  African Americans  and People of color are half as likely to seek mental health treatment as their Caucasian counterparts which results in these communities being three times more likely to die from mental illness.  This sacred space was created to highlight the latest treatment, resources and research – specifically designed for African Americans and People of color living with mental illness.  We wish to end the stigma and lend a voice to those suffering in silence and expose cultural norms that hinders, stifles and delays the mental wellness of the community.  Our hope is to connect our community to Black mental health professionals with a shared cultural awareness and experience.  Melanin Therapy was created for us, by us, as our sacred place of hope and healing; a balm on the journey to mental wellness.

**Resources provided on this site are not intended to replace a formal diagnosis and proper treatment.  If you are experiencing a mental health episode, we encourage you to consult your doctors for treatment options that specifically meet your mental health and wellness needs.**