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    7 Simple Ways to Treat Winter Blues

        Guest Post Author   Tavish Williams is an attorney and the author of Bright Side of the Sun, a self-care blog. She coaches career-driven women through stress, being overwhelmed, and establishing better self-care routines.       When it starts to get cold and the sun feels like it is always hiding, winter blues begin to set in. We…

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    7 Inspiring Self Care TED Talks Every Black Woman Should Watch

    TED Talks (Technology. Entertainment. Design) are always a staple on my playlist, especially when I stumble on inspiring TED Talks for black women. But I have a few favorites that keep me on a steady mindset of positive motivation and conquering fear. And it’s always a plus when and most importantly unapologetic self-care and self-love. Check out these relatable stories…

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    5 Types of Self Care Essential Guide

    It seems like self care is on everyone’s minds right now. From bookshelves to social media, there is a lot of information detailing just how important it is to routinely take care of ourselves. And with all that information, it can be overwhelming. So if you feel like you’re clueless about the types of self care, I’ve got you covered! For…

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    The Best Bedtime Routine For A Stress-Free Morning

      I’ve never really been a morning person. Most of my life I’ve lived dangerously and snoozed my morning alarm to the last possible second. In school, it was no big deal rushing into class. I had no bedtime routine. Back then you can just blame it on your youthful irresponsibility, right? But when you’re getting to work stressed every…

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    The Melanin Maven–Featured Self-Care Blogger

      The number one goal of Melanin Therapy is to be the premier directory for all things Mental Health for the African American community.  In an effort to bring together the best resources possible, we have partnered with some amazing people whose passion matches ours and who seek to provide culturally-competent information tailored to meet the unique mental health needs…

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    How the Journey Began

    In this particular series of blog posts, I have chosen to delve into an area of my personal life that I have not shared with many people. I have debated within myself when and even IF I should open up to the world concerning my personal connection to mental illness. I have decided that at this point, and at the…